2017-18 Season

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Compagnie Hervé Koubi                                                       October 12-15  

“…  acrobatic and abstract, athletic and spiritual, the whirl of the body is both a b-boy headspin and a Sufi ritual trance, made to mesmerize and humble the mortal viewer.” —San Francisco Weekly

Twelve male dancers defy gravity, perform a style of dance that blends contemporary, hip hop, capoeira, and martial arts, in an exploration of power and grace, taking you beyond the wow.



Paul Taylor Dance Company                                                 November 2-5 

“Paul Taylor Dance Company is perhaps the most beloved and respected modern dance company in the world, famous for Mr. Taylor’s wit, its sunny expansiveness, its  all-American optimism…”  —Dallas Morning News

Never before has the iconic Taylor company performed a program of its greatest hits, until now. Company B with music sung by the Andrew Sisters, and Esplanade highlight a performance of some of the greatest classics of contemporary dance.




Ronald K. Brown/Evidence, A Dance Company                   December 14-17

“…There is his agile use of stillness that subtly brushes the surface of raw emotions. And there is the undeniable way his propulsive movement crosses beyond the stage. Yes, this is the rare choreographer who makes you want to get up and dance.” —New York Times

Dance maker extraordinaire, Ron Brown has set works on Alvin Ailey and Philadanco and recently on Malpaso. Hypnotic Afro-Contemporary movement communicating emotion and stories through body and music.




BodyVox                                                                                January 18-21

“BodyVox: A kinetic storm of creativity, physicality and wit. A downpour of amazing dancers. A true force of nature in the world of dance.” —White Bird

Celebrating 20 years of bringing happy, fun and innovative dance theatrics to the stage, BodyVox performs Urban Meadow, a compilation of its greatest works, including the Velcro super hero Captain Tenacity, along with engaging films by Mitchell Rose. They exude their heritage of MOMIX and ISO in distinctive vignettes that are both compellingly human and humorous.




Ballets Jazz de Montréal                                                 February 15-18

“. . .daring and original.” —NY Theater Guide

One of the world’s great dance companies returns to our stage bringing the best in international choreographers along with a troupe of dancers second to none. O Balcao de Amor by Itzik Galili takes us to a rhythmic Havana with music by Perez Prado, rekindling the spontaneity and joy of our youth.



Wang Ramirez_SuperSebastien_Web

Company Wang Ramirez                                                       March 15-18

“… magnetically good, with an attract-repel dynamic that is fast, fluid and especially thrilling when the daring, fine-cut physicality they share catches you off-guard.”   — The Times-London

He’s from Brazil, she from Korea.  A couple in life and on stage. Watch as cultures collide in a story exploring the rocky road that leads to trust, understanding and love. A riveting performance, emotionally and physically, that will leave you gasping in astonishment.




Nai-Ni Chen Dance Company with The Ahn Trio                  April 19-22

“A blossom of color, energy and motion, like endlessly proliferating forces of cosmic energy,” —NY Times

The true story of Nai-Ni Chen coming from Taiwan to New York to create a company that merges eastern and western influences in the captivating and inspiring dance, A Quest for Freedom. Live music accompaniment by Juilliard alum, The Ahn Trio, a treat remembered by those who saw its collaboration with Parsons Dance.




MOMIX                                                                                   May 10-13

“Pendleton brings beauty, mystery, emotion and uproarious fun to the table.” —The Philadelphia Inquirer

The masters of magical theater dance and special effects will present a highlights program featuring the best works from the company’s 30 years of repertory plus four Philadelphia premieres.



*All programs, artists and prices are subject to change.